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Pay What You Want - Voluntary Payment

Are you very satisfied with the (free) services of ThesisTools Pro? Or did we help you with adjustments to your questionnaire? For smaller requests we do not send invoices, but it still takes time. For this, ThesisTools is using. Therefore ask the PWYW principle.

Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW, Pay What You Want) is a pricing model, which determines the price by the buyer. The seller offers a service or product without price, and the buyer is asked to determine what is worth it. The buyer has the opportunity to pay nothing for the product, or to reset the value of the product to him. The transaction takes place for this price, without the provider being able to withdraw his offer.

More information:
So when you are very satisfied with our service, we invite you to choose a suitable resale yourself.

For some services, a PWYW contribution for us is a matter of course:

Extend Questionnaire
Questionnaires are online for 3 months online. For the majority of questionnaires this is enough to complete the data collection. A survey can be extended, but for this we ask a contribution, the amount of the contribution is determined by the user; There is no direction in terms of height.

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